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Imagine an in-house student-run fundraising business where all funds go directly back into their school.

That vision is now a reality.

The Problem With Traditional Fundraising:

When it comes to school fundraising, we all know how it goes. The feeling of obligation to buy large quantities of overpriced cookie dough, magazines, gift wrap, etc. and having to exhaustedly accompany your child door to door, desperately peddling these products, enduring countless “No thank you”s and slammed doors in your face along the way. Wishing there was a better way to fundraise for your school? Boy, have we got the alternative for you!

No longer will you have to console your crying child once they realize they haven’t sold enough items to earn a single thing from the prize catalogue. Introducing the Spyder3D® Store, a new and improved method of effectively fundraising for your child’s school with one major differentiating factor: All products are designed and handmade by students on your child’s campus.

Say What!?

That’s right, by fundraising with Spyder3D® you’re not only helping to support your school, you’re helping to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners. How? With our program, students get hands-on experience, learning each step of the business process and gaining the skills and self-confidence to create professional-quality customized products.

Instead of buying consumables and other unwanted junk, surprise friends and loved ones with impactful personalized gifts that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives, all designed and brought to life by a student-led business at your school. Your days as a struggling door to door salesperson are over!

How it Works:

We supply our partner high schools with what we call our Spyder3D® Lab, several pieces of advanced graphic media production equipment: 3D printers, direct-to-garment printers, laser engravers, and large-format digital printers/cutters. We then teach the students how to use and maintain each piece of equipment, and they utilize them to create and sell all kinds of awesome customized products.

The Spyder3D® Lab acts as an enhancement to students’ daytime business curriculums, allowing them to apply their classroom knowledge to their own self-led business, where they provide real-world solutions and carve their own paths to success both during and after high school. Everyone wins!

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